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New Fashion Style, Corona Style

Starting now, we have to do everything from home. working from home, exercising at home and also socializing. No one ever imagine that this pandemic is going to cost us so many adjustment to our life. we've been push to use all available online technology into our life system and this change our lifestyle also. How's that?

for freelancers who were previously accustomed to working at home, occasion like this may become a common thing, the difference is with this economic conditions, the work is difficult to find. spending in advertising and entertainment is not the main priority at this time for companies. things have begun to be felt in other industries also and we still cannot predict how long this outbreak will decline.

One thing for sure is how to keep everyone to be productive, the goal is that our economy and also companies can maintain the production process in these circumstances. Apart from the tasks that must be done at home, or we call it "WFH". with so much "free time", so many things can be done. And of course the first thing in the list is to increase the ability to socialize with our family. Now we can imagine how astronauts run their days in a small satellite in space, high socialization capabilities are really demanded so that a harmonious life can be carried out inside a small space.

Meanwhile communication problems continue to be maintained, there are other significant improvements that automatically occur to us, ranging from the ability to clean the house, repair damaged equipment, washing dishes and clothes and also cooking any kind of meals. plus individual skills that can be improved by trying out various courses available in the digital world that we hope will later be applied when this pandemic is over. Some people immediately try it as an exercise, because there is no harm in also trying new things related to digital media when the lines of communication and the world economy are very dependent on it.

Maybe there will also be a new trend going forward because of this moment. While some office employees have started to apply for long-distance meeting and communication, there are also students who are taught online by their teachers and now almost all families try to release their homesickness by communicating through smartphone or other digital devices.

The use of proper clothing as a whole is no longer relevant because of the limited vision from a smartphone camera, only the face and body are needed, while the lower part is possible wear any clothes that more relaxed such as shorts. no need to worry about the less aesthetic background also, because in some applications have been given various options to change the appearance. we could choose some of the greatest landscape in the world. things that could become common in the future.

But what's certain to be maintained is the intention to continue to strive to be better even under these circumstances. Some digital companies and apps provide so many options to explore and learn to enhance our knowledge. the limit is only ourselves. Let's pray we'll get through this together. Don't loose hope and humanity to others. Always see the bright side.

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