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The Earth is Breathing Again

Updated: Apr 5, 2020

All activities around the world have stopped because of this pandemic, we have lost so many heroes, but many good things also happened to our Earth, he is breathing again.

Hitching a ride

This can be seen from satellite photos published by NASA. the impact of the reduced human activity is so great affecting the Earth. There's many materialistic things that previously seemed very meaningful to humans, but now turned out has no value at all.

It's a reminder to all human being that there is a great power behind all this. to make us realize to always be grateful, not greedy to the earth and always help others so that all humanity who lives in this world can live in harmony with the mother nature.

I hope you all stay safe and stay health until this pandemic over. It's time to make our world a better place to live. Because in the end, we're just hitching a ride on this Earth.

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