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Lost Day

Updated: Apr 18, 2020

One more thing that has changed drastically in this "Work From Home" moment is the difference between workdays and holidays. Do you feel it too?

Still remember at the beginning of the star trek movies. The captain will start the narrative by mentioning the captain log, then continued with the star date without mentioning what is the day? This may be similar conditions that are being experienced by all of us now when we have to stay at home for many days, the boundary between work days and holidays is no longer important, even months may not be needed anyway, It's also because all activities that are done through online like not knowing the difference between days or months anymore. What remains important is only the date. Maybe in the future we might become get used to this new culture. We'll still have a day off, but simply by mention which date from every 30 days or even every 365 days. This habits may looks new to us, but not to Captain Jean Luc Picard and his friends. Long Live and Prosper Everyone!

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